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Sunday, December 15, 2013


You have grown so much that I am going to put it in bullets:

*Says 50 words or more: snow, mama, up, dada, Zac, Grandpa, Mimi, Grandma, Tank U, bye-bye, TV, bath, Santa, ho-ho-ho, Church, fish, wow, dog, baby , no, yesh, yep, juice, milk, book, uh-oh, nigh-nigh, Lolo, toast, trash, socks, shoe, light, TaTa, please, more, ball.
*Signs the words: more, please, thank you, bite, all-done
*Makes animal sounds: horse, cow, duck. bear, monkey, dog, cat, rooster
*Understands positional words: up, down, open, close, shut, inside, outside
*Knows many body parts (has for several months):  tongue, eyes, arm, fingers, feet, toes, leg, ears, nose, chin, mouth, teeth, head, hair, belly, butt, and knees!
*Knows the circle shape and says ball!
*Answers questions by saying Yesh, Yep or NO!
*Started potty training!!! (wakes up dry and pees on potty!)
*Brushes her teeth!
*Gives dogs treats and helps Mommy feed the dogs- knows the routine- but also loves to play in the dog dishes.
*Turns lights on and off by herself
*Opens fridge and gets her own sippy cup of milk out.
*Opens pantry door and gets her own fruit snacks.
*Helps Mommy do laundry
*Imitates Mommy vacuum the floors with her toy sweeper.
*Picks up her toys
*Puts trash in the trash can- especially her diapers.
*Gives sloppery kisses!
*Favorite show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  She loves her Minnie Mouse doll!
*Favorite book: B is for Bear
*Starting to like bath time
*Walks up the stairs and makes grunting sounds like an old person (imitates Great Grandma Richards)
*Great eater!  Loves most vegetables, fruits, chicken, hotdogs, bread, noodles, and fruit snacks!
*Dances and Sings!  BaBaBa…stomps feet and claps hands (If you're happy and you know it!).  She also goes in circles and falls down to Ring around the Rosie.
*Follows two step directions (Put down the toy and sit in your chair…..Take your paci out and say____)
*She LOVES Uncle Zac!
*Imitates Mommy and "puts" make up on.  Mommy puts lip gloss on her and she smacks her lips!
*Wears a size 4 diaper, but will transition to size 5 shortly. 
*18-24 month clothes
*Size 4 shoe
*Hair- finally coming in!  Back is corse and top is straight.  Sometimes it curls up in back and then other days completely straight!
*12 teeth….soon to be 16 (Canines are starting to pop through)
*Bedtime routine:  Warm milk in sippy cup, practices sitting on potty, bath, massage with lotion, helps brushing her hair and teeth, bed time story, rocked to sleep and sleeps in crib!!!!

I am sure there are more things to write……You simply amaze us!!!
Love MiMi

Friday, December 13, 2013


Gracyn has a special relationship with her Great Grandpa!

Monday, December 9, 2013


GUESS WHAT?   This silly little girl slept through the night AND IN HER OWN CRIB! That hasn't happened since she was 9 months old!  Fingers crossed it happens again tonight!

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Gracyn is sooooo smart ! She is repeating many words now! Her favorite response is Yep or Yesh! We had alot of company over this past weekend and she learned who was who quickly. When we asked where Uncle Ajay, Mimi or someone else was, she would stare at them! :-) .... One of her favorite things to do is pick up trash (like a diaper) and throw it in the trash can!..... Recently she has a new attachment to her Minnie Mouse doll. It is her new sleep and travel companion. :-)
Here she is all dressed up and ready for the OSU/MICHIGAN game. Bet you can't guess who Daddy roots for!? The next picture is of our tired little shopper!




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