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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


The first loads of laundry are done! This doesn't even include the clothes in Gracyn's closet with tags still on them! She is one lucky girl!

Monday, July 30, 2012


UGH!!!!  Stretch marks have made their presence known on the lower belly....Even with a nightly ritual of belly lotion :-(


Dear Gracyn,

I can't believe that Mommy is 8 months pregnant with you already.  Time is flying by!  To be honest with you, this is the first summer that I have wished away.....Which is unusual since I LOVE SUMMER and my time off here and there while the students and teachers are out of the school building.  Speaking of school, one day you will be a student in my school.....I can't wait.  I loved being your Mommy and Aunt Courtney's principal and one day I can't wait to be yours!!!!!  I've promised Mommy that I will wait to retire once you are through the elementary building.

By now, I am guessing you weigh close to 5 lbs.  since you were weighing close to the 3.75 lbs. suggested on, 3 weeks ago!.  You are probably around 16.7 inches long, taking up a lot of space in your Mommy's uterus. Mommy will likely gain about a pound a week and roughly half of that is due to your growth now until birth!  In fact, you'll gain a third of your birth weight during the next 7 weeks as you fatten up for survival outside the womb! You now has toenails, fingernails, and real hair (We saw hair during the 28 week ultrasound!). Your skin is becoming soft and smooth as you plump up in preparation for birth.

I love you sweet Gracyn!
Love Grandma Dason

Friday, July 27, 2012

31w4d- BABY BUMP!!

The baby bump continues to grow and is getting heavy!  The belly is measuring 41" around now!  Mommy is experiencing braxton hicks contractions quite often, but they are painless.....nothing unusual at this stage in the pregnancy! .....2 days away from the 8 month mark!  WOW!!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Ok so it seems like at each of the OB appointments Caitlin comes away with good news and not so good news....Not sure if I like this trend I'm seeing: Here's the good news- Gracyn's heartbeat is a steady, strong 140. The fundal height is still measuring a week ahead, but within normal range at 32 3/4 weeks. Blood pressure is still good and no protein in the urine this week! Swelling was noted but OB still not concerned. Here's the not so good news- OB is NOT happy with the sugar levels after lunch and dinner....even though the numbers are lower than last week! He is sending her to a dietician, and giving her two more weeks to get the sugar levels below 110. If she can not get the numbers lowered with a stricter diet then she will have to be put on a low dose of long acting insulin. :-(. Next appointment is on August 9th. OB said he will also start the non-stress tests then also. This next appointment is on Caitlin's 23rd birthday!

Monday, July 23, 2012


Dear Gracyn,

63 days or 9 weeks until the EDD!  I remember being excited when Mommy was 9 weeks we are saying she only has 9 weeks to go....In reality, only 6 weeks until you are considered FULL TERM! 

This week, you should be measuring around 16 inches long. And we know that you weigh well over the 3.3 lbs suggested on BabyCenter....You weighed this several weeks ago....I am guessing about 4 1/2 pounds by now!  The ultrasound tech is guessing you will weigh in well over 8 1/2 lbs if Mommy goes to 40 weeks!   You can turn your head from side to side, and your arms, legs, and body are plumping out as needed fat accumulates underneath your skin. You are  moving a lot, too, and Mommy has noticed you doing kicks, and sliding motions across the belly! We all take comfort in the fact that all this moving is a sign that you are active and healthy!

Mommy has also been given GREAT news in her professional life as a nurse.  Even though she graduated a little over one year ago, started her nursing career the day she was fully licensed, went on modified bedrest for almost 4 months, and has been back to work REALLY PREGNANT.....and anticipating  a delivery in the next 9 weeks, with 6-8 weeks maternity leave.......SHE WAS PROMOTED!  Yep!  That's right!  Promoted to Director of Care Delivery.  Something that we are all very proud of.  She is a wonderful, caring, nursing professional and her hard work has paid off!

PS  Mommy no longer recognizes her feet and ankles!  Poor thing!!

Love you baby Gracyn!
Grandma Dason

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Almost 8 months pregnant and enjoying a Reds ball game with the Thompsons!  This was the good time....Getting home....not so good.  The car broke down and needed towed!  :-(   Well at least there will be "funny" stories to tell from this little road trip!

Friday, July 20, 2012

30w3d- VIDEO

THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!  If you look close enough, it looks like the leg and foot pushing up and over along the side.....Sooooo Cooool!

30w4d- BABY BUMP!

The belly keeps growing! Up 1/4 inch from last week. Total around is 40 3/4 " ! The stretch mark above the belly button, over the pierced area continues to get longer and more noticeable with each passing week. :-(.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

30w1d- OB VISIT

Good news and some not so good news at the OB appointment today:

Good News- Blood Pressure 117/62, slight protein in urine, but nothing to worry about right now (30+), and 16 lbs gained so far, fundal height 31.5 weeks (within normal range).

Sad News- Little Miss Gracyn was facing Mommy's spine no 3D/4D ultrasound.  The tech didn't even try to get the baby to shift! :-(

Bad News- OB not happy with sugar levels....especially after lunch and dinner monitoring.  They are giving Caitlin one more week to try and control it with a strict diet....If sugar levels do not improve, then she will have to start insulin.  This made her cry....she is trying sooooo hard!  And to be very honest, she eats the healthiest out of our whole family....Always has!  :-(  

Next OB appointment is in one week.  She may be monitored weekly from here on out due to the gestational diabetes.  At week 34, they plan on adding in weekly non-stress tests.  The goal is to make sure that Mommy stays healthy and Gracyn doesn't get toooo big before delivery....Which is common with GD.   Prayers needed!


Little Miss Gracyn received many gifts at the shower!  She will not want for clothes for quite a while!  Some of the baby gear included the carseat, pack-n-play, swing, and bouncer.  Mommy and Daddy purchased the matching stroller and highchair with some of the baby shower money.  Caitlin chose a neutral pattern and color...This way the bigger items can be used for more babies in the future! Now they are ready for Little Miss Gracyn to come!.......Soon, but let's hope, not tooooo soon! 

BABY SHOWER (Bird Theme)

Caitlin and Joe had a wonderful turnout for the baby shower.  80 people celebrated this pregnancy and showered baby Gracyn with gifts!

Monday, July 16, 2012


Dear Gracyn,

I have been waiting for so long to write 30 weeks!  And it is finally here!  According to, you are around 15 1/2 inches long and you definitely weigh well over the average 3 lbs. posted on their site.   I bet you are closer to 3.75 pounds by now.  Mommy has an OB appointment tomorrow and they promised to try the 3D/4D ultrasound in their office since you did not cooperate for them last month.  I am curious to see how much you have grown in the last week and a half!  Mommy put on a few pounds... up 16 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight according to the home scales.....Not bad!!!  And she says her belly is feeling heavy these days!  Just the other day, you shifted from the head down position to a horizontal position and stuck out one of your body parts (hand, foot, knee???)....You stuck it out so far that it actually weirded  Mommy out (I wish she could have caught it on camera).....First time for everything and it won't be the last as you continue to grow bigger and stronger! 

We had a baby shower for your Mommy & Daddy yesterday!  You are one lucky and loved little baby.  There were about 80 people at the shower! I will post more about this later.

Love you much!
Grandma Dason

Sunday, July 15, 2012


When this posts, Caitlin will be at her baby shower!  This is the tutu diaper cake Great Grandma Martin (Grandma GG) and I made for the baby and gift table! (Aunt Courtney bought the diapers!)


1.We bought 3 different spools of tulle, two head bands with bows (one for the waist band).
2. Stretch the waist band on a hanger
3.  Cut 16" strips of each color tulle (I used 3/4 of each spool).
4.  Tie the trio strips of tulle onto the waist band (tutu will be 8 inches long).  Don't worry about how the knots looked.  When knots turn different directions, the tulle will fluff in different directions!  :-)
5. Add Bow.  
6. Purchase a large box of newborn diapers...we used 70 diapers to make the diaper cake. 
7. Hot glue a paper towel roll to a cardboard base.
8. Each diaper was rolled and tied, then placed in a circle around the tube until the shape and size of each layer of "cake" was gained.  Tie each layer of "cake" with a ribbon, to prevent diaper slippage.
9. Add the tutu and headband.  I added an extra bow at the top to finish the cake top!
10.  Almost toooo pretty to take apart, but that's the whole point....I can't wait to see the baby in this tutu and headband.  I can see the picture in my mind now!  Plus the diapers will surely come in handy!  Total gift cost $30.00!  Can't beat that!.....Plus it was made with love by Grandmas who love Little Miss Gracyn to pieces!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

29w4d - BABY BUMP

The belly is rounder this week at 40 1/2 (grew 1/2 inch)!!!! I think it looks fuller at the top over the last few weeks. It really all depends on which position the baby is in....She continues to shift all over the belly! Hopefully her final position is head down for a vaginal delivery in the end!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012



Along with heartburn, and severe leg cramp from the second trimester, the third trimester symptoms has reared it's ugly head! Caitlin can no longer see her ankles and her toes look like sausages! :-(. And this is without working a 12 hour shift! I think she is going to wear the surgical support hose to work in order to help or prevent more swelling. Another not so pleasant "symptom" are the HARD AND PAINFUL swift kicks from Miss Gracyn. She may be small, but she is mighty!

Monday, July 9, 2012


Dear Gracyn,

We loved seeing you at the ultrasound last Friday.  You were measuring 14.5 inches long and 3.3 lbs.  In the 70th percentile for growth!  Your muscles and lungs are continuing to mature...we even got to see you practice breathing during the ultrasound!  Your head is growing bigger to make room for your developing brain.....We already know you are a little smartie...You would peek at us with one eye and then kick HARD because you didn't want that probe on Mommy's belly!  Your way of communicating with us to leave you alone!  :-)

 One cool thing that Mommy (the nurse) picked up on was the umbilical cord...she pointed out the 3 arteries in the cord!  Once I realized what I was looking at, it became clear, but it took her trained eye to see it!  With a healthy umbilical cord, you are getting the blood and nutrients needed from Mommy and the placenta to be as healthy as you are!  Speaking of healthy, this trimester, about 250 milligrams of calcium are deposited in your hardening skeleton each day. 

You are head down again (which is good) and at first, you were facing Mommy's spine .....I thought Oh we go again....not going to see that beautiful face, but the ultrasound tech was really good and had Mommy turn on her side....sure enough, you showed that beautiful face!  We are soooo in love!

Love, Grandma Dason

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Friday, July 6, 2012


Miss Gracyn is 14.5 inches long, 3.3 lbs., HB 150 bpm measuring 6 days ahead at 29w3d in the 70th percentile! Full term she is predicted to weigh in at 8 lbs.! She also has hair! .....SIMPLY PUT, SHE IS PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL!


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